Speaking #186 3 Step Strategy to Selling Without Manipulation - Chandler Walker

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Bio of Chandler:

Chandler started his entrepreneurial journey after graduating from the University of Nevada Reno with a degree in Biochemistry and forgoing a medical pathway to pursue a brick-and-mortar wellness facility.
He then pivoted to an online health practice a year before the COVID lockdowns.
After scaling both businesses to the 7 figure level and doing 3000-4000 sales consultations, Chandler was frustrated with the way sales were taught.
He was tired of the old-school objection handling, aggressive tactics, and salesy attitude taught by most sales trainers.
So he looked back at what he was doing, combed through his notes, and created Compassion Conversations.
A therapeutic-driven, psychological-based sales system centered around compassion and care.
Chandler has taught over 3000 people his system of compassion Conversations and has the goal to change and redefine the landscape of sales altogether.
Chandler also invests regularly in the crypto markets and bought Ethereum when it was $15, obtaining a 20,000% increase and turning $250 into 50k

What we Discussed:

- His mother that suffered from Bi-Polar disorder

- How not to manipulate people when selling


- The Dirty Tricks used in Selling

- Bait & Switch

- Dealing with Objections

- Ensure your Team do not destroy your business

- Social media Tips

and more

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Speaking Podcast Social Media / Coaching My Other Podcasts + Donations https://bio.link/podcaster

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/speakingpodcast/

Store https://www.podpage.com/speaking-podcast/store/