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Awakening to a new reality

Roy brings a wide variety of guests with unique perspectives. We get to listen to deep discussions about our current reality!

Perfect host!

Roy is the right combination of decent, brilliant, kind, and a great listener. His podcast are great stuff!

5 stars

I just started to get into podcasts, because I downgraded to a dumb phone that has music and podcast only as entertainment. This is the first podcast channel I found, and I love it!

Tap in!

This is a worldly podcast! Open your 3rd eye 👁! - 14 Days in Beijing

Alex Newman take a breath

I understand and agree with the interview but my God take a breath and let the message sink and others to think and ask questions otherwise where is critical thinking

I’m listening

I live in the United States near Seattle Wa. I have been awake for along time. It seems the longer you have known the truth and can read between the lines the harder it is to convince your family what really going on . I am very poor but rich in a loving soul . I want to save the world from the evil that is darkening human kind . I’m so happy that I found podcast I feel not alone in this journey


This podcast is mind blowing

Epic podcast!

I love Roy’s style and his guests bring so much value. I get excited to see new episodes released and am incredibly grateful for these eye-opening conversations!

Refreshing and Real

I am so very thankful I stumbled upon this podcast! These two gentlemen bring a realistic and refreshing perspective on the craziness of the world today. I look forward to each new episode and wish they’d record more often. Keep the truth coming!


Congratulations - I found this podcast midway but went back and listened to them all. I would like to congratulate you on reaching 50 Episodes

Great podcast

Great host with very interesting guests


Wonderful. This is a wonderful podcast and full of interesting nuggets

Interesting Podcast

Interesting Podcast - I enjoy the style of the host

Good podcast

Start to Awakening with this - This podcast is helping me make more informed description as well as realising the corruption that exists in the World

Love it

Love it - Great advice to help society

Great reporting

Great reporting - I love that Roy reports a lot of things long before the general public catches up


Brilliant - I highly recommend listening to this podcast

Top podcast

Impressive. I am very impressed with the content and resources provided in the description of episodes.

Nice podcast

Excellent- I love this podcast especially the weekly chats with Mindwars

Top podcast

Best Accident . I found this Podcast by accident but now I wait eagerly for all episodes

I love this Podcast

I love this Podcast - Heavy topics but with a twist of humour

Such valuable content

Such valuable content - I highly recommend this podcast for anyone who wants to know the truth in a world full of lies

Great podcast

This is Waking me up - I love the Awakening Podcast.

Nice podcast

Valuable Content - I look forward to each episode

Very Interesting Podcast

Wow - Very Interesting Podcast with plenty of advice

Fantastic Podcast

Love It - I learn more from each episode

Top podcast show

Fantastic Podcast- Great interview style and informative

This is awesome podcast.

I love this Podcast show all the time. This Podcast is very important. You will feel much better if you hear the Podcast......

Helpful and Interesting!

Loved Podcast Episode. Ronnell’s content is fantastic. It sticks with you. You can’t wait for the next episode. We Out!

Good podcast

I think it's the best podcast in the world. I like podcasts a lot. If you didn't listen to this podcasting, you wouldn't understand it.How good is it.