Meditation Interview #141 Relationship Patterns - Jenelle Annette

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Bio of Jenelle:
Jenelle Annette is an inner work guide for women. She has founded multiple programs that help women overcome painful patterns & connect to their self worth. She has dedicated the past 5 years to crafting her methods and working alongside a wide variety of world class mentors and teachers. Her focuses are on shadow work, inner child healing, ancestral trauma, conscious relationship & authentic relating. She believes that everyone deserves to harness the power of self acceptance, as it is the necessary ingredient for limitless possibility and transformation.

What we Discussed:

- Relationship Patterns

- Her Awakening after struggling

- Schematic Scanning

- Neuro Pathways

- Why Are You Playing Out This Pattern?

- Group Coaching Programme

- Tips for Online Course Platforms

- Her Podcast

- Linktree Tools

and more

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