Crypto Podcast #39 Building Your Community for Your NFT Project - Jeff Clatterbaugh

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About my Guest:


I have been in the mortgage industry for 25 years. I have held many leadership positions in the industry, and has been an active member in the Board of Realtors. He also founded the Toastmasters public speaking club for the Board of Realtors. I have trained and developed many sales people in the mortgage and real estate industry over the years through his real estate investment and training company, and has assisted others in establishing investment businesses. I am currently the founder of a local Business Network International (BNI) club and has been an active member during the course of my career. I have been certified with John Maxwell to be a speaker and coach. I am currently under going a project with an artist partner to develop an NFT project.

What we Discussed:

- Learning with John Maxwell

- How BNI Helps

- How Toastmasters can help

- Integrating Physical Art to Digital Art

- Building a Community

- Social Media Pros & Cons

and more

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