Aug. 21, 2020

#9 The Answer - David Icke

#9 The Answer - David Icke
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All Episodes can be found at    To learn more about me /Speaking Podcast / Meditation Podcast / Learn Polish Podcast please visit    Subscribe for New updates What we Discussed: Julian Assange the Wikileaks founder currently on trial Fact Checkers Corona Virus and mask wearing Consequences of being compliant Current situation in Australia Breathing breaks for children Subliminal messages Event 201 W.H.O. Wuhan Fake tests African - No flue but corona virus Financial Incentives for diagnosing Covid 19 Italy admitted the figures were adjusted What he thinks of Trump Black Lives Matter The Green Party The Climate Change Hoax Greta Thunberg Why the Uniform has the Power Satellites with 5G Elon Musk Who Are The Good Guys The Power of No, I'm Not Doing it and much more About my Guest Author of over 20 books. David has been exposing corruption for 30 years and has predicted a lot of what is happening around the world.  To Find out more about David New Book The Answer - Please Share to get this Message Out