Dec. 27, 2020

#42 If Monkeys would not accept inequality then why should we

#42 If Monkeys would not accept inequality then why should we
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A conversation about current events and why some people are still asleep.  All Episodes can be found at  To Subscribe or find our videos  All other Podcasts  Video Can be see at  Topics covered - Working with Ethical drinks companies - Covid restrictions for his bar and employees - About his Podcast 'Raise a Glass' - Economy being destroyed - The dangers of Facemasks - The stupidity of Rules around the World - The risks of getting jabbed - Whistle blower who was threatened and later assumed murdered - Twitter idiot founder - Natural Plant medicines from past relatives - Why he stopped trusting Pharma - Chimpanzees attacking a man - The powers that be telling others what to do but not doing it themselves - Why are they banning social gatherings  Please like, share and subscribe to our channels as it really helps getting the message out their and keeping people awake!