Aug. 1, 2020

#5 Get The F...... Out (Fluoride) - Aisling Fitzgibbon

#5 Get The F...... Out (Fluoride) - Aisling Fitzgibbon
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All Episodes can be found at To learn more about me /Speaking Podcast / Meditation Podcast / Learn Polish Podcast please visit About my guest: Aisling's FitzGibbon is a Holistic Nutrition Coach, creator of Aisling's Health School and author of the upcoming book Moving From Fear To Trust. She is also known as The Girl Against Fluoride In this Episode we discussed: Getting very ill with depression to understanding the dangers of Fluoride Aisling's Marketing that gained followers The laws of the Universe Why fighting the system is not the best solution The Corona Virus Alternative Options See through the illusion of deception Creating a movement takes time Keeping yourself in the right frequencies Why you should not to try and fix everything Have her best supporter to losing her mother Don't buy into the fear story The germ theory Taking a court case against the government Benefits of Meditation Death threats to attacking her character Inner Warrior World Health Organisation Advantages of nature To Contact Aisling: