April 17, 2023

#220 Alex Krainer - USA Is the Central Battlefield In the Global Total WAR

#220 Alex Krainer - USA Is the Central Battlefield In the Global Total WAR
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Freedom Broadcasters Livestream

On April 13, 2023 Thursday

Guest: Alex Krainer

Topic: USA is the Central Battlefield in the Global Total War!




Alex Krainer is a market analyst, researcher, futures trader, investor, author and former hedge fund manager based in Monaco. He was born and raised in the socialist regime of former Yugoslavia, under one-party communist rule. At 17 he joined a student exchange program in the United States where he also took up his university studies. From there his path led to Switzerland on a scholarship where he completed a degree in Business and Economics and advanced to a masters program. From Switzerland he moved to Venezuela where he lived for a year and experienced his first banking crisis in 1994. Nine of Venezuela’s 16 largest banks failed and brought the country’s economy to a grinding halt. That year he returned to his native Croatia and joined the military where he served through 1995 during the last phases of Croatia’s war of independence. In 1996, upon discharge from the military, he took employment at an oil trading company in Monaco. In 1998 he became the head of risk and in 2000 the company's CEO. He had originated the firm’s research and development program in market analysis and application of neural networks and artificial intelligence in trading financial and commodities markets. By 2007 he launched his own investment management company and was among the small minority of managers who generated positive investment returns (+27% net of fees) during the 2008 financial crisis. Over the following six years, his hedge fund outperformed the Dow Jones Credit Suisse index of Blue Chip managed futures funds. In 2011 Alex Joined Lee Robinson’s Altana Wealth to manage the firm’s tail risk strategy. From 2012 to 2019, always relying on I-System strategies, this fund outperformed the EurekaHedge Tail Risk Index. In 2020 he set up Krainer Analytics to provide turn-key portfolio solutions and trading decision support to third party investment managers.


• "Alex Krainer's Trend Following Bible" (2021) - free download

• "Grand Deception: The Truth About Bill Browder, Magnitsky Act and Anti-Russia Sanctions" (2017) twice banned on Amazon by orders of swamp creatures from the U.S. StateDepartment.

• “Mastering Uncertainty in Commodities Trading" (2016) was rated #1 book on commodities for investors and traders by FinancialExpert.co.uk - free download

• Day-job web page: ISystem-TF.com

• Blog: TheNakedHedgie.com

• Substack: Alex Krainer's Trend Compass

• YouTube channel: MARKETS, TRENDS & PROFITS

• ZeroHedge articles: https://www.zerohedge.com/contributors/44505

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/alex-sasha-krainer-0b74ab1a

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Dr. Jayne Marquis, ND
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Roy Coughlan

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