Feb. 6, 2023

#205 Connecting the Dots to Save Your Lives WHO, Big Pharma & DARPA - Dr. Peter Breggin, MD

#205 Connecting the Dots to Save Your Lives WHO, Big Pharma & DARPA - Dr. Peter Breggin, MD

Freedom International Livestream

Thursday, February 2, 2023

Guest: Dr. Peter Breggin

Topic: Connecting the Dots to Save Your Lives: WHO, Big Pharma, DARPA, Oligarchy, Technocracy and more.

www.Breggin.com www.WeAreThePrey.com

Brief Bio:
Dr. Peter Breggin is the co-author of his better- half Ginger Ross Bregginof the recently released COVID-19 AND THE GLOBAL PREDATORS - We Are the Prey.
As a medical-legal expert, Dr. Breggin has unprecedented and unique knowledge about how the pharmaceutical industry too often commits fraud in researching and marketing drugs/vaccines. Dr. Breggin has also been invited many times to testify before federal agencies and the U.S. Congress, and he has been an expert. He has also testified many times at FDA hearings. From Time Magazine to the New York Times, his work has been cited innumerable times in worldwide media. He has appeared hundreds of times on TV from Oprah, 60 Minutes, 20/20, Larry King Live, and Good Morning America to the O’Reilly Factor and Doug Kennedy on the Fox News Channel. For more about Dr. Breggin's incredible work go to www.Breggin.com

Interview Panel

Grace Asagra, RN MA (Holistic Nurse, US, originally from the Phil)
Podcast: Quantum Nurse: Out of the Rabbit Hole from Stress to Bless

Hartmut Schumacher

Dr. Karl Moore, PhD

Roy Coughlan


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