April 22, 2022

#153 Claim Your Strawman - Peter Wilson

#153 Claim Your Strawman - Peter Wilson

Freedom Broadcasters Livestream

On April 14, 2022 Thursday 

Guest: Peter Wilson

Topic: Claim Your Strawman


What We Discussed:

- Having the Mindset when dealing with debt

- What is the Strawman

- Fraudulent letters from the Government

- UCC1 Financial Statement

- All of the land is held in a Trust

- Private Trusts

- Don't say 'I'm Sorry' instead say 'Forgive me' and why

- The Bond Trading you as a Commodity

- The Philippines

- Home Schooling

- Become a forager

- Private Members Association

- Protecting Your Property

- Why it is better to have Silver & Gold Bars instead of Coins

- It's a Spiritual Battle

After Talk with Hartmut & Roy

- Digital ID's

and more

Ex Royal Navy gunner and armourer, turned professional fighter. Owned and ran own martial arts gym for about 30 years. Always been aware of something not being right in the world, went deep into it after losing over £1million of property in 1 week including own home. So been up and been down even living in a car for a while with his wife Janine and 4 dogs.

Interview Panel

Roy Coughlan ( Time Start to 41min 30 sec)



Grace Asagra, RN MA ( Time 41min 30 Sec to 104 min 22sec)
Podcast: Quantum Nurse: Out of the Rabbit Hole from Stress

Hartmut Schumacher ( Time from 104min 22 sec)


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