Nov. 2, 2021

#119 Donald Jeffries - The Hidden History

#119 Donald Jeffries - The Hidden History
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Freedom International Livestream

Guest: Donald Jeffries 

Topic:  “The Hidden History”


Donald Jeffries started out researching the JFK assassination in the mid-1970s, as a teenage volunteer

with Mark Lane's Citizens Committee of Inquiry. His books have all been best-sellers, and have been lauded

by the likes of Ron Paul, Roger Stone, Jesse Ventura, Cindy Sheehan, Cynthia McKinney, Naomi Wolf and

many others.

Great. Here's the link to my Amazon author's page, which has all the covers- can you capture them from there?

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What we Discussed:

-What happens to journalist when they expose corruption

- How to Overcome Censorship

- The Demise of America

- Nuremberg Trials truth bombs

- Trump not Draining the Swamp

- Bullying in Schools that's allowed


- Jim Garrison

- When family members do not agree with your point of view

- The Clinton Body Count

and more

Interview Panel


Chris Ryan

Grace Asagra, RN MA

Roy Coughlan

Steve Fierro