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This is awesome podcast.

I love this Podcast show all the time. This Podcast is very important. You will feel much better if you hear the Podcast......

Helpful and Interesting!

Loved Podcast Episode. Ronnell’s content is fantastic. It sticks with you. You can’t wait for the next episode. We Out!

Good podcast

I think it's the best podcast in the world. I like podcasts a lot. If you didn't listen to this podcasting, you wouldn't understand it.How good is it.

Top podcast show

Top podcast show. I wondered why this show is one of the top shows on iTunes, but after listening it’s clear...

I love this podcast

I love this podcast. I always get useful tips and ideas. Greatest show on iTunes, hands down!

Let’s go!

Working on my first deal!

Great content

Enjoying every episode! I love how down to earth the host is. He has great content and great delivery.

I love this podcast

This show is great, I’ve listened to many other shows in the past but this one is different. The content is actually useful to me. I love this podcast. Greatest show on iTunes, hands down!

Top level podcast!

Top level podcast! If you’re don’t listen to this podcast you’re not undrstand. I love this podcast. I always get useful tips and ideas

I like this show

I can’t believe how many ratings and reviews this show already has for being so new.

Top podcast

I subscribed, and so should you! Simple... I subscribed because it was advertised as one of the top shows on iTunes... and now it’s my favorite show.

Avid listener

Great show. Why I enjoy this podcast. I can’t say how many episodes I’ve heard but I love them all

Love his authentic personality

My new favorite show. I’ve listened to a ton of podcasts and I have to say that is great podcast. I don’t always write reviews, however this one deserves it

I really like this show.

I really like this show. Loved episode 20. Especially liked episode #20 about limiting beliefs, it’s a must listen to episode. This show has very useful information.

Top podcast show

This is the my first podcast, I never even listened to another show. So I am glad I saw the advertisements for this podcast. I must say, this show is fantastic! Glad I found this show, thank you.

Wonderful show!

Wonderful show! - -Great sound quality -Great host -Great guests

This is the great podcast

This is the great podcast

Great Podcast

It is very beautiful podcast.This podcast will forever be remembered to me

This podcast is incredible!

Thank you so much for these great episodes. I’ve learned so much. Can’t wait to listen to more of your content!

Amazing show

I am so glad my friend recommended this to me! Thank you!


I want to learn this


I never realized that Prosperity is influenced by so many things that no one teaches us about and also that it means so much more than just having a lot of money!


I want to learn this cool stuff. What a gift

My people skills improved

I have been listening to his podcast and I am noticing how much my understanding of people improved and how much my people skills improved. I am not taking things personally, I am not so triggered.

Thanks Roy!

Very engaging and informative! Great podcast with interesting guests and awesome info.

Taking our power back

Thank you for bringing to our awareness how powerful we are as individuals and more as like minded people.

Love it!!

Great idea. I’m looking forward to listening to every episode. This podcast will also be promoted on The Jester’s Promoting co. I wish the best for you and this broadcast!!

Amazing Podcast

Very good, informative, and entertaining podcast.

Love it!!

Super amazing podcast with the best host!! Highly highly recommended!