Aug. 26, 2021

# 99 Thomas Renz - Let the Lawsuits Begin - Freedom Broadcasters

# 99 Thomas Renz - Let the Lawsuits Begin - Freedom Broadcasters
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FREEDOM BROADCASTERS LIVESTREAM  TOPIC: Let the Lawsuits Begin: People’s Great Reset GUEST: Attorney Thomas Renz, Lead Counsel on 3 COVID-19 lawsuits Attorney Thomas Renz says "At some point you are going to see a flood of citizens joining together in numerous class action lawsuits suing either the government, or their employers for the numerous ways their rights have been violated, and businesses shut down." Renz says it's just a matter of time. Currently Atty. Renz is the lead counsel on 3 COVID-19 lawsuits in New Mexico, Ohio, and against the Department of Health and Human Services and CDC. With FREEDOM BROADCASTERS from around the world. Roy Coughlan  Podcast: THE AWAKENING Chris Ryan Podcast: MINDWARS Grace Asagra Podcast: Quantum Nurse Hartmut Schumacher Podcast: GO YOUR OWN PATH Steve Fierro Podcast: Awakened Mind