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Aug. 8, 2021

#95 Rothschild Patent in 2015 for COVID 19 - Mindwars meets Awakening

#95 Rothschild Patent in 2015 for COVID 19 - Mindwars meets Awakening

Another collaboration this week between Mindwars and the Awakening podcast

Topics covered..

- First autopsy of a dead vaxed - https://dailyexpose.co.uk/2021/08/04/first-autopsy-of-dead-person-vaccinated-for-covid-found-to-contain-spike-proteins-in-every-organ-of-body/

- In England 16 & 17 yr olds don't need parent consent to be experimented on - https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9861019/16-17-year-olds-NOT-need-parental-consent-Covid-vaccines-health-chiefs-reveal.html

- Israel becomes first country to push 3rd covid shot - https://vaccineimpact.com/2021/israel-becomes-first-country-in-the-world-to-push-3rd-covid-shot-for-already-vaccinated/

- Rothschild patent - https://pubchem.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/#query=covid-19&tab=patent

- Covid exemption docs - https://news.gab.com/2021/07/29/important-download-covid-vaccine-religious-exemption-documents-here/

- Graphene oxide in the water contract -https://web.archive.org/web/20210802141741/https://www.watertechonline.com/industry/article/14207800/contract-approved-to-use-graphene-oxide-for-water-treatment

- cdc partners in crime list - https://www.cdcfoundation.org/partner-list/corporations

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