July 16, 2021

#90 The Dangers of Vaccines - Curtis Cost

#90 The Dangers of Vaccines - Curtis Cost
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Freedom Broadcasters Livestream

July 8, 2021 

Topic:Vaccines are Dangerous: A Warning to the Global Community

Guest: Curtis Cost


Mr. Cost holds a BA from Vassar College and an MBA from Northwestern Kellogg’s School of Management.  His background includes corporate sales, marketing research and management.  He is the author of “What is Safe Sex in the Age of AIDS? If you Only Knew What They Aren’t Telling You” for which he was nominated the best new author of the year by the National Black Achievement Awards.  He is also the author of the first edition of “Vaccines are Dangerous -A Warming to the Black Community”.

The author feels that vaccines represent one of the greatest threats to people around the world especially African and Latino people’s  because they are the ;ease informed on this issue

What we Discussed:

- Giving demonstrations for 30 years

- Adverse Reactions to Covid Vax

- Working with the Nation of Islam

- The lies about small pox vax

- DDT and Polio

- Why they stopped the Swine Flu Vax

- What is in the Vax

- Why people have been hypnotised 

- Positive Progress to date

- The Corrupt Media

- Why we can't convince people in 1 conversation

- Statement from the creator of the MRNA

- 3yr old and 80yrs starting to bleed

- How Masks effect our Children

and more

Interview Panel

Roy Coughlan



Chris Ryan



Grace Asagra

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Hartmut Schumacher

Steve Fierro

Podcast:  Awakened Mind


All Podcaster can be found at www.freedombroadcasters.com