July 9, 2021

#88 Mental Health Transformations - Harry Derbitsky & Joe Fletcher

#88 Mental Health Transformations - Harry Derbitsky & Joe Fletcher
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About my Guests

Harold Derbitsky, President of ACT (Advanced Coaches Training) Inc. 

His understanding is expressed via his insights regarding the Three Universal Principles of Mind, Consciousness and Thought, as uncovered by his teacher Sydney Banks, who stated in the book 'The Missing Link':

All human behaviour and social structures on earth are formed via

Mind, Consciousness and Thought.

Joe Fletcher has performed talks for mental health professionals, groups and charities.

What We Discussed:

- 3 Principles Educators

- The old Psychological approach

- Don't deal with the symptom but the cause

- Psychologists don't know about mental health

- How thoughts effect us

- Why the Polish never gave up their identity under Russian rule

- A lady on 23 Pharmaceutical  drugs is able to give them up

- Don't carry the baggage from the past

- Let the ego go

- What causes the trauma

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