June 5, 2021

#78 Why We Should Legalise Cannabis - KC Murdock

#78 Why We Should Legalise Cannabis - KC Murdock
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About my Guest:

Creator of The Cost of Cannabis docu-series on Down the Road Show YouTube Channel

"As a long time activist of Legalizing Marijuana this project is more than personal to me. The episodes cover the history of hemp, cannabis culture, cbd industry, debunking devil's lettuce myths, agriculture benefits, building materials, prohibition, war on drugs, system racism, and our first episode "Marijuana Martyr" starts in 2013 when it still wasn't legal in as many states as 2020 and I get the strangest call from my friend in Arizona that refuses to go to jail over a simple weed ticket....... What happens next even his family didn't know was coming. Only I knew and I didn't believe it till it was too late."

What we Discussed:

- The Cost of Cannabis Documentary

- Cannabis & Hemp

- His molestation and addictions

- The Sick Pharma Industry

- The Business Side of Cannabis

- The Difference between CBD & THC

- Case of a friend refusing to pay a fine and shocking everyone in the Court

- The Different Ways to Take Cannabis

- Advice on taking it for the 1st time

- The difference between Alcohol and Cannabis

- Why we don't respect our Veterans

- The Benefits from Hemp

- The dangers from getting it from the Black Market

and more

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