May 28, 2021

#76 Overcoming Stage 4 Cancer and ways to ensure you Stay Healthy - Caroline Rose

#76 Overcoming Stage 4 Cancer and ways to ensure you Stay Healthy - Caroline Rose
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This recording was from my Speaking Podcast but since the topic was so relevant and the discussion so deep I feel my listeners might benefit from the conversation.

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About My Guest:​

Caroline Rose has spoken to over 8,000 people in the past three years. She travels all over the country spreading her message of hope and has touched countless lives. Caroline has battled stage-4 non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma at 27 years old as well as getting it 2 more times. Caroline is a warrior that has overcome the odds numerous times and now lives cancer free with her beautiful family.

What we Discussed:

- Her Speaking Journey

- Working with NBC Sports

- Working with a PR firm in a cut throat industry

- Her Cancer story from when she got diagnosed

- How it started

- The benefits of Breathwork

- Living in the moment

- The Cancer Treatments

- Getting her brothers traits after his bone marrow transplant

- The heartbreak of now being able to see her children

- Making a Plan to keep the Cancer Away

- Stop thinking the government has your back

- Cancer in dogs

- Giving Hope to Others

and more

How to Contact Caroline: