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May 12, 2021

#72 Presidents are not Elected, they are Selected - Steve Fierro

#72 Presidents are not Elected, they are Selected - Steve Fierro

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About My Guest :  Steve Fierro is a Derivatives broker that worked in Wall Street, Toyko ,London and now resides in Singapore. He has been researching the deep state in detail since 2012. 

What we discussed:  

- Going down the rabbit hole

- Why it goes over people's head when you give facts

- Social Media and fact Checkers

- Trump V's Biden

- Vax and Covid false deaths

- The stupidity of mask wearing

- Why 2+2 =5

- The dangers of watching TV

- Covid Corruption

- The Test that does not Test for the disease

- Businesses shutting down

- New World Order

- Perpetual War for Perpetual Peace

- Why they are not taking DNA

- Satanic history and Inversion

- Free Masons and other lodges

- Why do we listen to Actors who to vote for

- The Star in the US Elections logo

- Fabian society

- War in the name of democracy

and more 

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