April 7, 2021

#64 Make Sure Your Body's Nutritional Needs Are Met During Lockdown - Eric Edmeades

#64 Make Sure Your Body's Nutritional Needs Are Met During Lockdown - Eric Edmeades
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About my Guest:

Eric Edmeades is a serial entrepreneur with experience including wireless networking, military research, Hollywood film production, and award-winning and life-saving medical simulation.

Today, Eric is a leading authority in Behavioral Change Dynamics. Eric has created and consulted on some of the most effective, transformative, and highly rated educational products and live events in the world.

His dedication and passion for improving the quality of human lives all across the world was the inspiration behind his flagship program, WILDFIT®, globally recognized as the most effective health transformation program on the market. 

What we Discussed:

- Why some influencers are keeping quite about the current situation

- Covid

- Congesting charging in London

- Craziness in Airports now

- Why you should top up your nutritional needs instead of reducing the bad stuff

- Why you should try natural instead of supplements

- If you are going through a Bankrupcy

- Brain Health V's Mental Health

- Viktor Frankl and the current difficult times

- The Positive side to the Lockdown

- Eric's view on wearing Masks

- Why he did not want his daughter wearing a mask in school

- How to get Healthy now

How to Contact Eric: