Aug. 5, 2020

#6 Low Enthropy Diet That Cures Cancer - Dr Marek Roland

#6 Low Enthropy Diet That Cures Cancer - Dr Marek Roland
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All Episodes can be found at To learn more about me /Speaking Podcast / Meditation Podcast / Learn Polish Podcast please visit About my guest: Former Professor at Dalhousie University Studied Biophysics of Life at Dalhousie University M.Sc. in physics (Poland), Ph.D. in physics (Canada)  Born in Poland. Living in Canada. Grandson of polish / british RAF military pilot Major Jozef Dubas (teacher of a famous WWII pilot Gen.Stanislaw Skalski and many others).  Work: acoustics, audio, biophysics, audio engineering, photography, video, inventor, science  Hobbies: aviation, music, photography, hiking, biking, swimming, reading, psychology, philosophy, art, nature, animals, etc.  Accomplishments: explanation of how life works, what is optimal diet, what is cancer and how to prevent and eliminate cancer and many other degenerative diseases. What we Discussed In this Podcast: Benefits of rebounding Natural Remedies Why he does not use Antibiotics Cancer Cures through his Diet How the Medical Industry started Super Foods Vitamins Advantages of not eating meat Corona Virus - The System is Rewarding Lying for Diagnosing Mandatory Vaccines by Psychopaths New World Order The Corruption in the Medical Industry Why they want to keep you sick The Government want people to die after retiring Electric Cars & Blocking Technology We are Governed by Idiots and Psychopaths Damaged Environment to Extinction Why the Crocodiles are dying in Africa The Dangers of 5G Why Police got Testicular Cancer His Inventions The Dangers of Smart Meters If We Do Not Wake Up, We Will Not Survive How they tried to discredit him Why his Facebook Group of 44K was removed How the Corona Virus was created To Contact Dr. Marek Roland:

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