Feb. 18, 2021

#51 Dealing with ADHD and Prescription Drugs - Benjamin Sklivas

#51 Dealing with ADHD and Prescription Drugs - Benjamin Sklivas
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Find out about the struggles dealing with Prescription drugs for ADHD All Episodes can be found at www.awakeningpodcast.org To Subscribe or find our videos linktr.ee/awakeningpodcast  All other Podcasts including the Meditation mentioned in the interview linktr.ee/roycoughlan  About My Guest :  27 year old entrepreneur. Working as a digital nomad, looking for purpose in every type of industry and trying to help as many people as he can. Through immense failure and life lessons, he has learnt the hardest lesson that having ADHD is a superpower nothing else. What we discussed:  - His awakening moment - How Benjamin got started on ADHD medication - The side effects of the drugs - Why he feels like an addict on prescription drugs - Getting fired from Pornhub - How it effected his home life - How Meditation has helped - How he feels after stopping the medication - Black market in school - What triggers Benjamin to go back on the drugs - Drinking with the drugs - Experimenting with micro dosing - Breathwork - The education system and more  To Connect with Benjamin:  https://www.linkedin.com/in/benjamin-sklivas-6878b0140/