Nov. 8, 2020

#30 The Lockdowns and Covid Updates Worldwide

#30 The Lockdowns and Covid Updates Worldwide
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All Episodes can be found at  To Subscribe or find our videos    All other Podcasts Awakening meets Mindwars podcast, my good friend Chris and I have decided to try out a short once a week show on the latest world current events. It will pretty much be about the plandemic and exposing the corruption that is being forced upon the people to begin with at least! Topics discussed in this episode. - Slovakia's mass testing of 2.5 million people. - Liverpool in England to be the first mass testing trial ground. - 97 year old woman forced back into care home after police in the uk arrest her daughter a nurse for attempting to bring her home to care for her. - England back into national lockdown this week. - Australian police take a stance on unjustified measures on the public regarding coronavirus and set up new website to stop the tyranny. - New Zealand prime minister makes it mandatory for everyone to get tested, families will be separated and put in concentration camps for those who test positive and for those who refuse to get tested. Jacinda Ardern New Zealand concentration camps DR. Andrew Kaufmann PCR test Cops for covid truth Leandra Ashton - 97 Year old Mother Forced Back into Nursing Home by Corrupt Police: All episodes of Mindwars can be found at Mindwars Bitchute channel All Episodes can be found at To Subscribe or find our videos All other Podcasts Video Can be see at Please like, share and subscribe to our channels as it really helps getting the message out their and keeping people awake!