May 7, 2023

#225 No Freedom in Austria which is Part of the EU - Otmar Braunecker

#225 No Freedom in Austria which is Part of the EU - Otmar Braunecker
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About my Guest:

Broadcast Engineer, Software Developer, Critical Thinker and most of all loving father and most of all human being. Avid traveller, explorer, observer and owner of the Brand the Smiling Conscious Traveller. Smile, breathe and be present that's what it's all about. Explore together with me the world and its miracles through the focused lens of your conscious presence. With this podcast, the "Smiling Conscious Traveller", I want to change the world. My intention is to show you how to find love, peace, and freedom.

What we Discussed:

- Removed from the Train by the Police for not wearing a mask

- Police followed them after a peaceful demonistration

- The fear is still with the people

- As a Broadcasting Engineer he could see the indocintrination

- Quarantine in the TV Station for 2 weeks

- Getting a Blood bleed from the PCR Test

- Broadcasting was keep on the air to push the Fake Agenda

- Hidden advertising on the channels

- Comedians are not telling the truth

- Understanding your sovereignity

- The Power of the Breath

and more

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