Oct. 12, 2020

#22 The Toxins in LipBalms can be changed for 100% Natural - Ginger King

#22 The Toxins in LipBalms can be changed for 100% Natural - Ginger King
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All Episodes can be found at www.awakeningpodcast.org   To Subscribe or find our videos linktr.ee/awakeningpodcast   All other Podcasts linktr.ee/roycoughlan   About My Guest :   Ginger has a unique 360 degree view of beauty from receiving a degree in chemistry, an MBA in marketing, as well as a Master’s in natural product chemistry and serving as senior management at several large cosmetic corporations. Ginger has been the keynote speaker for brand launches and has spoken on product development and In-Cosmetics on product innovation. Not only is Ginger a beauty expert on Beauty Press, she has also served as Allure’s Beauty Judge for Breakthrough Products since 2017 and Yahoo’s Diversity In Beauty Award 2018 and Beauty Packaging Award 2019. What we discussed:  How to get your message out Why the formulation must be the best and have a meaning Why companies cheat with saying Natural In the USA only 11 chemical are banned while 1300 in Europe The dangers that the industry is self regulated The toxins in some lipbalms Donates 10% to suicide prevention Plus her speaking tips and tricks How to Contact Ginger King : https://fanlovebeauty.com/  https://www.instagram.com/officialfanlovebeauty/  https://www.facebook.com/fanlovebeauty/