April 14, 2023

#218 Legal Walls Of The COVID-19 Kill Box - Katherine Watt

#218 Legal Walls Of The COVID-19 Kill Box - Katherine Watt
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Freedom Broadcaster Livestream

On Tuesday, April 11 , 2023

Guest: Katherine Watt

Topic: Legal Walls of the Covid-19 Kill Box


Bio:Katherine Watt earned a philosophy and natural sciences degree from Penn State in 1996 and then worked as a reporter for small newspapers. In 2003 she earned a paralegal certificate and has provided legal research and writing for small firms practicing constitutional, civil rights and environmental law. She also published several independent journalism blogs and worked on local food, water and energy security campaigns. She founded Bailiwick News in 2016. Since early 2020, Katherine has focused on Covid-19 issues, including legal framework investigations. She is married with two children, and lives and works in Pennsylvania.Gen-X Catholic writer, paralegal, printmaker, wife and motherGen-X Catholic writing about Covid-times law, geopolitics, philosophy and theology.“We are no longer sovereign citizens of a functioning Constitutional republic.” Catherine Watt

What we Discussed:

- What is the Kill Box

- How do we navigating in these Evil times

- The One World Religion

- Controlled Opposition

- The Corrupt Legal System

- The Ponzi Financial System

- How to Make Positive Change

- Napoleon Vaccinating 1 Million Children

- W.H.O.


- Control of the Health Care System

- The US Puppet Government

- Why I (Roy) believe we should not vote

and more

Interview Panel

Roy Coughlan (12 to 28mins)

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Grace Asagra, RN MA (Start to 12 mins)

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Hartmut Schumacher (28 to 40 mins)

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