April 6, 2023

#216 Hidden Dangers in Frequency Devices - Robbie Zeas

#216 Hidden Dangers in Frequency Devices - Robbie Zeas
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As mentioned on the show you can find Robbie's interview on the Speaking Podcast https://www.podpage.com/speaking-podcast/207-having-passion-for-excellence-robbie-phoenixx-zeas/

About my Guest:

Robbie Phoenixx is an industry recognized competitive intelligence expert and artist. Robbie works with Fortune 1000 industry titans from Live Nation and Amazon Prime Video to Verizon, AT&T and more directly contributing $254 million+ in new revenues.

Robbie loves to share how to leverage one's creative advantage to become your competitive advantage for entrepreneurs and top business leaders. He looks forward to working with your business as a keynote speaker, executive coach and strategic marketing advisor!

Robbie's was featured as a guest speaker to 40,000+ attendees by the International Bar Association, and interviewed on nationally syndicated TV to 7.1 million U.S. households on the Donna Drake TV Show broadcasted by CBS, ABC, NBC, Fox, the CW and more. Robbie Phoenixx has over 35,000 total organic social media followers (LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook) and welcomes you joining his growing tribe!

What we Discussed:

- The distributions Systems based on Cost

- 298 Birds fell from sky in Germany for 5G testing

- Hiding 5G in Mall Signs and Churches

- Microwaves Leaking and the dangers they cause

- The dangers of wireless earphone and Bluetooth

- Wireless industry admits no studies show 5G technology is safe

- Toxic fumes and waste

- Stop being loyal to the dollar and make decisions to stop the problems

- 5G satellites put without the peoples agreement

and more










How to Contact Robbie:

LinkedIn: LinkedIn/in/robertzeas

Twitter: @SonicBandFan

Facebook: Facebook/SonicOctaneOfficial


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