March 11, 2023

#211 When Your Partner Says #metoo - Shaun Hamilton

#211 When Your Partner Says #metoo - Shaun Hamilton

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About my Guest:

Shaun Hamilton is a veteran of the US Navy and an author who has dedicated his life to raising awareness and empowering partners of survivors of sexual violence. Having twice experienced the challenges of supporting a loved one through the aftermath of sexual assault, Shaun spent over 5 years writing his book, "When Your Partner Says #MeToo: Your Role And Responsibilities In Their Recovery Process," offering practical insights and strategies to help partners navigate their loved ones' healing journey. He has a unique perspective and first-hand experience that he uses to empower and advocate for survivors and their partners. Through his work, Shaun is committed to providing education and resources that can help partners become better allies, advocates, and supporters.

What we Discussed:

- Husband to a partner of sexual violence

- The Broken Justice System

- Stopping yourself from seeking your own justice

- How bad is the Child Abuse Problem

- How to teach our children to protect them

- The Perversion Files against Boys Scouts

- Epstein's Island

- Pedophilia Flag

- Traumatic grief resolved

- His father dying in his arms 

and more

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