March 6, 2023

#210 Taking Health into Your Own Hands - Ian Clark

#210 Taking Health into Your Own Hands - Ian Clark

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About my Guest:

I have 16 years of definitive research and application, I am sharing the most advanced information on how to literally stop the body from aging. This also involves how to self heal all injuries while correcting structural adhesions and distortions. Since this is dealing with the human body directly, ‘seeing is believing’ and there is clear evidence backing up the realities around how this all works. This also involves high level mental wellness, emotional resets and trauma deletion. Stopping the aging process, correcting injuries and supporting the best dental health are all totally affordable across the board for all enthusiasts who are willing to step up and invest a small amount of time, energy and resources to enjoy profound results. Anyone at any age can learn this and the earlier in life this is implemented, the better it is. I am now 65 years of age and healthier than I was at 25 years of age.

What we Discussed:

- How he started to look after his health after told he had a Tumor and other health conditions

- The Stress of Bankruptcy

- Statistical Evidence for a Healthy Living

- Remove the Death Mentality

- The Doctor becomes Indoctrinated 

- The dangers to Cremation

- Whats your Projected Life Expectancy

- Why Gas & Oil should be Free

- Why they are the Manufacturer of their Products

and more

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