Oct. 8, 2020

#21 Is the Current Education System Serving us - Dr. Crystal Gifford

#21 Is the Current Education System Serving us - Dr. Crystal Gifford
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All Episodes can be found at www.awakeningpodcast.org  To Subscribe or find our videos linktr.ee/awakeningpodcast  All other Podcasts linktr.ee/roycoughlan  About My Guest :  Dr. Crystal Gifford has over twenty years of experience in both higher education and the financial industry serving students, clients, and businesses.  Students lovingly refer to Crystal as “Professor G” and she is totally in love with this new generation of young adults!!!  Her passion is helping them find their passions and turn them into transferable and sellable skills they can use to clarify and build the life of their dreams.   Professor G now operates a financial and life skills development program via the LIFE Application Bridge (aka the LAB).  The LAB supports young adult students in finding and pursuing their passions and offers a program called “Paid to be Me™” that focuses on helping young adults build their own economy doing what they love.   Professor G earned her Doctorate of Business Administration in Accounting from Argosy University of Sarasota and her Master of Financial Economics from Ohio University.   Recently upgrading her own passions, she now actively guides young adult students in discovering, defining, and pursuing their passions to turn their natural tendencies into viable sources of income.  Now more than ever, students can truly be paid for doing what they love. What we discussed: The problem with the education system The Finnish Education System Why it is wrong teaching 2-4 yr old kids about Masturbation and sex education Why the Educational System does not serve most people In the USA now the Teachers Rotate and the Children stay in their seats all day The system is design for us to barely get by The USA is a Corporation How the Education System should be Using your emotions to learn better The Difference between American and European Students Why more pedestrians get knocked down in Poland compared to Ireland Why you should not Chase Money Approach Learning with having fun Why you should look after your own accounts What to believe and how to decide. How to Contact Dr. Crystal Gifford: https://askprofessorg.com/ Her Books - The Money Makeover and The Money Shot...both on Amazon and Barnes and Noble