Feb. 19, 2023

#208 Ways To Protect Us From The Strings OfF Evil - Christian Oesch

#208 Ways To Protect Us From The Strings OfF Evil - Christian Oesch

Freedom International Livestream

Tuesday, February 7, 2023 

Guest: Christian Oesch

Topic: "Ways to Protect Us from the Strings of Evil"


https://t.me/VereinWIR https://t.me/TranslatedPressDE

Brief Bio:
Christian is one of the leading Swiss opponents of the Corona agenda and the international implementation of 5G. His presentations, showing the ignorance of governments and politicians on these two topics, are helping to change the narrative of “boots on the ground” citizens. As Director of Lepitus Enterprises AG, Christian Oesch has been part of international business development for nearly 20 years, focusing on various tools and technologies for integrative medicine. This has allowed him to connect and stay connected with hundreds of doctors, scientists, practitioners, therapists, and patients worldwide. Christian is currently active as President of Schweizerischer Verein WIR (www.vereinwir.ch), a Swiss non-profit organization. His work includes coordinating various freedom movements, garnering legal opinions, and mobilizing grassroots organizations to oppose the corona and 5G agendas through the use of questionnaires and petitions. He is also involved in launching criminal complaints, political initiatives, and other activist projects in and around Switzerland.

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