Jan. 29, 2023

#202 The Rules of Law - Fredrick Graves

#202 The Rules of Law - Fredrick Graves

Freedom International Livestream January 3, 2023 

Guest: Dr. Frederick David Graves, JD

Topic: In All That We Humans Must Abide: The Rule of Law

How to Win in Court: www.howtowinincourt.com?refercode=CR0114


For the past 36 years I've been an attorney, winning cases by doing what this course will show YOU how to do - step-by-step, quick & easy!
I was 39 when I started law school. Before that I worked as a carpenter, fisherman, boat builder, and any odd jobs I could get. In those days, if I had legal problems, I was like 4 out of 5 of you. I could not afford to hire a lawyer.
So, I became one in 1986, passing the bar and very soon discovering how truly easy it is to use the rules of court to win cases for my clients. But, I wanted to help more people than just my clients.
In 1997 I started this online course to help everyone who can't afford a lawyer by giving affordable legal know-how and solid confidence to tens of thousands of people for 25 years ... good people who now are winning in court without a lawyer!

Bar number: 558583. See at www.FloridaBar.org
My wife Kathryn and I want you to know how to secure your legal rights without the crippling expense and risky uncertainty of hiring a lawyer who may or may not fight for you but certainly will want to be paid! I've won in state and federal courts by applying the same tools, tactics, and simple procedures explained in this legal self-help course that anyone can afford and learn!

Interview Panel

Grace Asagra, RN MA 

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Hartmut Schumacher

Roy Coughlan


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