Jan. 10, 2023

#198 Are you a Gray Drinker? - Carrie Schell

#198 Are you a Gray Drinker? - Carrie Schell
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Bio of Carrie:

Midwife, yoga instructor, personal trainer, speaker, author and mom of seven?

Carrie’s humour, wisdom and passion for helping women through the intimate, life-transforming journeys in life will reach out and touch you as you tune in to this episode.

Carrie shares the joy of her life’s work being devoted to health and wellness.

As an addiction specialist, while helping others in their recovery, Carrie reveals, with transparent candor, having realized that she, like millions of other women, was a grey drinker –not an alcoholic but her relationship with alcohol was unhealthy Carrie also hosts wellness retreats for women to connect and reset their wellness journey in Costa Rica, where she lives.

What we Discussed:

- Addiction Specialist

- Her Speaking Journey

- The Grief when you lose a baby or your baby has a disability

- False Positive for down syndrome baby

- An epidural goes into the baby

- How Yoga & Meditation helped

- How to Recenter and Relax Fast

- What is Gray Drinking

- The Toxins in Alcohol

- Carrie's Retreats

- Her New Book 'The Gray Drinking Reset'

and more

How to Contact Carrie:




Book https://amzn.to/3hewEiS


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