Dec. 11, 2022

#192 "Truth In Energy & Climate" - Frank Lasee

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Freedom International Livestream

On Thursday, Dec 8 2022

Guest: Frank Lasee

Topic: Truth in Energy and Climate

Frank Lasee served as a Wisconsin State Senator and in Governor Scott Walker’s administration. The senate district he represented had a coal plant, natural gas plant, 2 nuclear plants, biogas plant, biodigesters, wind towers, now a solar plant and many miles of Lake Michigan shoreline.

Frank is an expert on energy and environmental issues. His articles have appeared in the Washington Examiner, Washington Post, Real Clear Energy, he has been a guest on TV and radio news and has spoken to more than 15,000 people in large and small groups. He is the president of Truth in Energy and Climate. Which is dedicated to exactly that, providing unbiased truth of energy and climate.

Frank can tailor his speaking to any audience, keep it interesting, fun, and informative. He is qualified to speak on energy, environment, climate, insurance, health, government, government regulations and politics. Frank was a Senator when tens of thousands of protesters occupied the Wisconsin Capitol and demonstrated for two months.

You can see more of Frank’s information at

Frank urges you to talk about energy and climate with the unconvinced. The left is using the false climate catastrophe narrative to drive unnecessary, expensive, harmful energy policy.

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