Nov. 15, 2022

# 187 Journalism on the Ground, What’s Real & Unreal in Ukraine, Russia & the World - Vanessa Beeley

# 187 Journalism on the Ground, What’s Real & Unreal in Ukraine, Russia & the World - Vanessa Beeley

Freedom Broadcasters Livestream

On Nov 11, 2022 Friday

Guest: Vanessa Beeley

Topic: “Journalism on the Ground: What’s real and unreal in Ukraine, Russia and related World”

Vanessa Beeley is an independent journalist and photographer who has worked extensively in the Middle East - on the ground in Syria,Egypt, Iraq and Palestine, while also covering the conflict in Yemen since 2015. In 2017 Vanessa was a finalist for the prestigious Martha Gellhorn Prize for Journalism . In 2018 Vanessa was named one of the 238 most respected journalists in the UK by the British National Council for the Training of Journalists. In 2019, Vanessa was among recipients of the Serena Shim Award for uncompromised integrity in journalism. Vanessa contributes regularly to Mint Press News, Russia Today, UK Column, The Last American Vagabond, and many other independent media outlets. Please support her work at her Patreon account.


What we Discussed:

- Wikipedia Hit List

- How to Research

- Throw Mainstream Media Out the Window

- Controlled Operation

- Social Media Censorship

- Mental Spiritual Show to Not Let the Negative News Effect You

- Ukraine & Russia War

- Zelensky Carried Out a Cleansing of Opposition in Ukraine

- Russian Miltary are Not the Ones Abusing

- Russia Has the Best Refugee Camps

- Refugees in EU Camps Abused

- The Economic History of the War in Russia

- The Plan is to Destroy Germany

- NATO Established to keep USA in, Russia Out & Germany Down

- China's Role

- Albanian Refugee Men turning up in the UK

and more

Interview Panel

Grace Asagra ( From start to 17:29)

Podcast: Quantum Nurse: Out of the Rabbit Hole from Stress to Bless

Roy Coughlan ( from 17:29 to 35:25)


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