Sept. 25, 2022

#181 Do Not Pay, Why It Is a Trap - Peter Stone

#181 Do Not Pay, Why It Is a Trap - Peter Stone

Freedom Broadcasters Livestream

On Sept 22, 2022 Thursday

Guest: Sovereign Pete - Peter Stone

Topic: ”Do Not Pay: Why It is a Trap”


Pete Stone, founder and CEO of the Sovereign Project, is an author and researcher, covering all aspects of the corrupt global system and the law in relation to our true rights. Through the Project, Pete’s ambition is to help people to empower themselves with the same knowledge and connect those who wish to be free to become an unstoppable force for world peace.

What we Discussed:

- Why he set up the Sovereign Project

- Different Jurisdictions

- Magna Carta was not for the People

- Courts tricking you so that you lose

- Different Types of Trusts

- Universal Commercial Code

- Be Your own Postmaster General

- The Corruption with the Birth Certificate

- The Difference between Replying & Responding

- Notice of Conditional Acceptance

- Don't Pay Movement is a Trap

- Germany has Gas & Electricity increase over 5 times

- Utility Companies are Credit Companies

- Fit Your Own Utility meters

- Who is the Creditor behind the Debt

- Affidavit Statement

- True Bill

- The Trickery with Fonts and Boxes on Letters

- Cash is using font fraud

- Peters Workshops

- Civil Law comes from the Roman Empire

and more

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