Sept. 19, 2022

#179 Zelenko Freedom Foundation, Shining light on the truth - Kevin Jenkins

#179 Zelenko Freedom Foundation, Shining light on the truth - Kevin Jenkins
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Freedom Broadcasters Livestream

On Sept 13, 2022 Tuesday


Topic: Zelenko Freedom Foundation: The Next Brave Generation

Brief Bio:

Kevin D. Jenkins, a public speaker and transformational executive with an impressive track record is leading the charge at Urban Global Health Alliance as CEO/Founder and at Freedom Travel Alliance as CMO/Founder. Today, Kevin D. Jenkins as the co-chair of the Zelenko Freedom Foundation is once again championing the cause of shining light on the truth. Continuing the life work of Dr. Vladimir Zelenko, Kevin is educating the world community on medical practices and sectors of the medical community Dr. Zelenko endeavored to share with those not having the opportunity and access to the facts.

Kevin is a truth warrior and works tirelessly to expose the hidden agendas, corruption, and distorted versions of the medical community. Distortions that continue to divide communities across our country, he shines a light on the dark corners of psyops that oppress society and the world community now more than ever. Providing more than rhetoric, he brings attention to injustices being perpetrated against us all, while sharing "methods of action," necessary to defeat the modern-day slavery of all races, creeds and colors. A regular on the public speaking circuit, his authenticity and transparency, backed by historical knowledge and data, has coined him as a compelling voice with a credible message.

As a powerhouse accomplished in business/brand development, strategic planning, economic development, non-profit management and fundraising and a history of driving achievements for various prestigious organizations across the country, the Zelenko Freedom Foundation has acquired a gem. The scope of his global experience has spanned from business, governmental affairs, public policy, and leadership and team building.

Kevin is a graduate of the prestigious Saint Benedicts Preparatory High School, attended Saint Peters College and is a graduating Fellow of Leadership New Jersey, Class of 1995. He has worked with Dreyfus Health Foundation to improve community health and wellness in Ghana, Kenya, and Japan. With his extensive experience in the corporate world, managing portfolios over $200M, he is positioned to bridge the gap between local urban communities and the corporate and political support needed to bring the vision to fruition.

Dr. Zelenko would be honored and proud to have Kevin D. Jenkins leading the charge in his absence.

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