Aug. 17, 2022

#171 The Depression,Cravings and Guilt. Dealing with Addiction - Bobby Newman

#171 The Depression,Cravings and Guilt. Dealing with Addiction - Bobby Newman
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About my Guest:

Bobby Newman, Founder of Newman Interventions, Addiction Interventionist, Certified Drug Prevention Professional and Substance Abuse Counselor joins us and gives us alarming updates on substance abuse here in the states.  After struggling up until the age of 35 with addictions of his own and even serving time in prison, he had dedicated his life to helping others overcome addiction.  He also discusses how some substances that are often deemed "harmless" have taken down the life quality of some high-level executives.  Anyone wanting to live a successful life will want to hear this and learn from Bobby

What we Discussed:

- His own Meth and Alcohol Addiction Journey

- Helping Children with Addictions

- How the Rehab Facility Helped

- The Depression, the Cravings and the Guilt

- What did you do to make up the damage

- The Stigma of the Problem in the Family

- Best Way to do an Intervention

- Toxic Spouses who want the Addicted Partner

- Course on How to do an Intervention

- 90% Success Rate

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