Aug. 4, 2022

#169 Be the Captain of Your Own Life - David Edwards

#169 Be the Captain of Your Own Life - David Edwards

About my Guest:

David R. Edwards served mostly lower income people on 3 continents over the last 35 years and is familiar with the challenges and unfairness of life.  In 2018 while working with doctors, dentists, counselors, nurses, community health workers, and others he had an epiphany.  The core challenge most people have is to generate the personal drive to direct their own life, enduring principles to guide, and the most current science-based tools to assist them through a bumpy and messy life.  His first book “New You! Who Knew?” is an attempt to put in writing an easy to digest and implement guide that builds confidence, meaning, esteem, and self-compassion in balance.

What we Discussed:

- Working in HealthCare

- Helping the Patient become the Captain of their own Health

- His Book 'New You, Who Knew'

- Buck the System

- The Bad Side to Consumerism

- B Corporations and its advantages

- How a large Company helped its Employees

- Having Integrity

- Hold Our Employers to a Higher Standard

- Making the World a Better Place one Person at a Time

and more

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