May 28, 2022

#160 Opening Up About a Trauma Releases its Power over you - Janelle Anderson

#160 Opening Up About a Trauma Releases its Power over you - Janelle Anderson
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About my Guest:

Janelle Anderson is a speaker, author, and confidence coach for women entrepreneurs helping them to own their expertise, monetize their message and attract more clients. With her powerful confidence-building formula, women are able to conquer the impostor within and speak up with confidence and clarity and make their brand stand out in the marketplace. Janelle is the creator of Speak Confidently to Sell, her signature course focused on messaging and speaking with confidence, and the Monetize Your Message Mastermind program. Her new book, Take Center Stage: Be the Star of Your Own Story, is was released in January 2022.

What we Discussed:

- The advantage of Public Speaking

- The Power of Telling a Story

- Opening up about a trauma releases its power over you

- Process the Trauma before telling people

- Her Book 'Take Centre Stage'

- Where is your Power of Destiny

- Sex Trafficking

- What Happens to us does not Define Who we are

- Breathwork

- Your Surfacing the Invisibles

- Her Programme

and more

How to contact Janelle: