April 11, 2022

#151 Butchered By Healthcare - Robert Yoho MD

#151 Butchered By Healthcare - Robert Yoho MD
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Dr. Robert Yoho spent three decades as a cosmetic surgeon after a career as an emergency physician. His generalist training gives him perspective and allows him to avoid favouring any medical specialty.

He has had little dealings with hospitals, big Pharma, or insurance companies before he wrote this book. No one has ever considered him a “whale” prescriber or device implanter. He retired from medical practice in 2019.


✪ American Society of Cosmetic Breast Surgery: fellow, trustee, officer, and past-president.

✪ American Board of Cosmetic Surgery: passed board exams and twice re-certified.

✪ American Board of Emergency Medicine: passed board exams and twice re-certified.

✪ Fellow, American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery (inactive).

✪ New Body Cosmetic Surgery Center: founder & director (inactive).

✪ American Association Ambulatory Health Care (AAAHC) accredited surgical/medical practice for over 25 years.

What we Discussed:

- The Criminal Pharma Industry

- The FDA and Conflict of Interest

- The Fraudulent Medical Journals

- The Tech Industry Supporting Propaganda

- The Dangers of Pregnant Women getting Vaxed

- The Abuse the Hospitals are Doing

- The Suppression of Covid Cures

- The Hospital Payments received for Killing Patients

- Why Can't we Challenge the Safety of Vaccines

- It's Hard to Establish Causality

- Not all Judges are Corrupt

- How should we Research what's true

- The Kickbacks in the Medical Industry

- The Corrupt World Health Organisation

- Our Different Views on Joe Rogan

- Klaus Schwab

- His Books 'Butchered by Healthcare'

- The Dangers of Prozac

- Some Positive Solutions

and more

Links to Robert and also Discussed on the show: