March 27, 2022

#148 Dealing With the Debt Collectors - Peter Wilson

#148 Dealing With the Debt Collectors - Peter Wilson
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About my Guest:

Ex Royal Navy gunner and armourer, turned professional fighter. Owned and ran own martial arts gym for about 30 years. Always been aware of something not being right in the world, went deep into it after losing over £1million of property in 1 week including own home. So been up and been down even living in a car for a while with his wife Janine and 4 dogs.

What we Discussed:

- Getting into the Royal Navy at 16

- How he got into Studying Law

- The Financial Scam

- Lamestream Media

- The Ukraine Russian War

- You Create the Credit with Your Signature

- The Corrupt Banking System

- How to Use GDPR to Your Advantage

- Bouvier's Law Dictionary

- The Birth Certificate Fraud

- The 1Mile Square in London and the Vatican

- The Corrupt Popes

- Give an Autograph and Not a Signature

- The Bills of Exchange Act

- Dealing with Council Tax

and more

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