Jan. 6, 2022

#133 Christian Oesch - Is 5G Safe?

#133 Christian Oesch - Is 5G Safe?

Freedom Broadcasters Livestream

Thursday, Dec 16, 2021 

Guest: Christian Oesch

Topic: Is 5G Safe?


Brief Bio:

Christian Oesch, is one of the leading Swiss opponents in the instrumentalization of 5G and the Corona agenda. His presentations show how the federal governments and politics are driving this development forward. Join us to learn more about the connection between 5G and Corona, the banking system, government control, why we need to keep an eye on Switzerland and Sweden and more.

What we Discussed:

- The Swiss Parliament System

- What is 5G

- China

- Management of 5G outsourced to 5G

- Health Effects from EMF's

- Supreme Court Case in Switzerland

- The Power Needed to Run 5G

- Putting Atenas on Hospitals and Schools

- How to Block Electro Magnetic Waves

- Satellite 5G's

- Why he would never drive an Electric Car

- Chemtrails

- The technology the Chinese use

- The Fraud Committed

Interview Council

Grace Asagra, RN MA

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Roy Coughlan