Jan. 2, 2022

#131 Why Politician's are the Protected Species - Tanya Targett Camacho

#131 Why Politician's are the Protected Species - Tanya Targett Camacho

About Tanya

Often referred to as the "Media Darling” -- Tanya Targett Camacho is a former investigative news journalist turned video, speaking, and media strategist.

Tanya helps experts, authors and coaches go from totally unknown to industry influencer... and even business celebrity.

She does this through her special gift for helping them find their
unique brand positioning and powerful story to drive engagement, income and impact on-stage and on-camera.

Always walking her talk, Tanya used the power of her personal brand to go from single mother living on welfare in Queensland, Australia to international speaker on stages worldwide.

She created 6-figure revenues in her first 6 months, and then multiple 6-figures in revenues within her first three years.

Now based in Southern California with her husband and two girls, Tanya has since shared the stage with $1 Billion Dollar Man and New York Times #1 Best Selling author Jeff Walker, making the Top 10 in his global online launch marketing competition.

Tanya’s students span 12 countries and have generated over $7.4 million in free publicity appearing in the New York Times, Forbes, Huffington Post and on CNN, BBC World News and FOX — to name a few.

What we Dicussed:

- Bullying in the School and the Workplace

- Tanya's Investigative News Journalist Journey

- Meeting Muhammad Ali Paparazzi Style

- Putting Pedo Priests in Jail

- Why It's no longer a free press

- Politicans - The Protected Species

- Fake News

- Her Workshops and getting high conversion rates

- The Bigger the Room, the less the intimacy factor

- Clothes to Wear on TV

- How to get featured on Mags and TV

and more

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