Dec. 23, 2021

#129 Avoid Protests and Start Using Common Law - Peter Stone

#129 Avoid Protests and Start Using Common Law - Peter Stone
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About my Guest:

Peter is the founder of The Sovereign Project which is an institution that protects and reclaims the rights and freedom of each individual by providing powerful tools and education, while uniting others who also choose to be free.

There are two states a person can be in this world: you are either sovereign or a slave; the choice is only yours to make. Declaring you are sovereign, that your status is as a free man or woman, requires courage, fortitude and the will to stand up for your rights. This task is much less daunting when you're united with and supported by others of like mind.

What we Discussed:

- The Different Types of Common Law

- Why you should be careful signing

- Windowed Envelopes and How to return mail

- Parking Tickets & Speeding Fines

- How you should refer to your children

- Why you do not own anything

- Blacks Law Dictionary

- Why you deal with an individual and not a company

- Do Not Say I'm Exempt

- Deregistering your Car

- What way to sign and the colour

- Why it is up to us to do this

- Why protesting is playing into their hand

and more

How to Contact Peter: