Sept. 4, 2020

#12 Why You Should Not Watch the News - Laura Bolton

#12 Why You Should Not Watch the News - Laura Bolton
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All Episodes can be found at  To learn more about me /Speaking Podcast / Meditation Podcast / Learn Polish Podcast please visit  Subscribe for New updates  About My Guest: Laura is a high performance health coach, educator, podcast host and truth seeker, on a mission to help humans feel amazing, achieve total freedom and live the best life possible. What We Discussed: Her awakening journey after health challenges Why you should not investigate too much Mindful of the current mass global trauma Why the governments don't care about your health Toxins in food The dangers of anti depressant tablets The Dr's and kickbacks Don't trust uncle google Cancer and the corrupt charities Illness is an industry Shadow banning and censorship on social media The power of the mind Why we would not want to go to hospital Why the tests do not work Bill Gates Why you should not watch the news We need to talk to the individual to make change The hate towards people exposing the truth Child abuse Use your intuition The recent protests How this will effect the children Suggestions on what to watch and who to follow How to keep our vibrations high How to Contact Laura: Instagram