Sept. 18, 2021

#105 More Proof The Earth is Flat - David Weiss

#105 More Proof The Earth is Flat - David Weiss
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Guest: David Weiss:

Topic: Flat Earth

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David Weiss is a business man who walked away from his own very successful company to pursue spreading the truth about our world. He is the host of, “The Flat Earth Podcast” and creator of the “Flat Earth Sun, Moon and Zodiac Clock app”. He has the amazing ability to take anyone from ridiculing the idea of a flat earth to the mind-blowing understanding that we don’t live on a spinning, wobbling, rocketing water ball in an infinite vacuum. He also shows you why this topic is the MOST important topic of these troubled times.
Flat Earth Sun & Moon Clock app *NOW AVAILABLE* on Google Play and Apple.
Download it today and start flat smacking!

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